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Friday, August 22, 2008

Unfound Logic - Durn!

Original Format: audio cassette (and possibly CD?)

This is certainly the most 'mainstream' of any of the releases spoken of on this blog so far. Unfound Logic was an alternative rock/punk band from North Carolina and released this album sometime in the mid 1990s (I'm leaning toward 1996, because that is the only tour date I can find for them). They are something that I would have attached to in my Blink 182 / Greenday days certainly, and are a good example of the sound that evolved into today's popular acts like Fall Out Boy.

The band has since split up (as their lead singer Paul left the band according to this interview of the South Carolina band Self I found), and two of the remaining members formed an equally unknown band named Amish Jihad. They have retained their bright sound, but oriented themselves a bit more their punk / hardcore influence. They also lack a vocalist - if their Myspace recordings are up to date.

So far all of my research points to 'Durn!' only being released on tape - though I think that is pretty odd for a release as late as the mid 1990s. I have found one new copy for sale through this inventory list on the Imaginary Records website. To buy it, click on THIS LINK for payment details. I also found a compilation CD of theirs HERE, but otherwise their music is pretty scarce.

For fans of: early Blink 182, early Greenday, Eve 6, the soundtrack to movies like "Can't Hardly Wait".

@320kb CBR

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