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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moise Robin & Faren Serrette - Volume I

Original Format: audio cassette

Another traditional folk album, this one of the Creole persuasion.

I can find limited information on Moise Robin, and also similarly limited information on Faren Serrette - but nothing online about them playing together. Both seem to be Creole legends/heroes, and both seemed to play quite a bit. Faren also seemed to be quite into boats (as there's about as much information on his boat making as there is on his music).

This is about as down-home Louisiana as it gets. Robin's voice is absolutely awesome, and Serrette 'shreds' on his guitar and fiddle. My favorite track is the opener, 'Filles De La Louisiane', and is about as happy and bouncy as music can get. Do yourself a favor and pick this up, if even just for that track.

Is there a Volume II to this collection? Is it a collection of a bunch of different kinds of traditional music? I can't find anything about this collection or their record label. If I ever see it though, I'll definitely pick it up.

For fans of: twang, Southern music, a quality hootenanny

@320kb CBR

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tihati's South Seas Spectacular - Savage!

Original Format: vinyl LP

My first vinyl only post, and the reason for the long delay - but the wait was worth it after hearing the final product. Thanks to Google Image Search and Snow Records in Japan for the album cover I'm adopting

My friend pointed this album out to me at a local thrift shop - and I picked it up because I found an album about Pacific Islander music titled "Savage!" to be hilariously incompatible with today's PC society. I had no idea that the album was actually made by Islanders as a sort of tourist marketing ploy - though I should have noticed the three advertisements for Hawaiian hotels on the back cover.

I think this was a stage show - but I'm not certain. Most of the album is comprised of what the track listing calls 'traditional' songs, and they sound like they were recorded right from one of the groups performances. Very dancy drums, and wonderful vocal work. The non-traditional songs are performed by Sonny Kalaheme, and include such gems as "Learn to Do the Hula" and "Howzit Bra". All around this album puts me in a very happy mood, and really makes me want to sit on the beach drinking something with an umbrella in it.

Cheesy as can be, but quite satisfying.

For fans of: Hawaiian music, innocent good times

@320kb CBR