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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hanuman - Hanuman Live [1996]

Original format: audio cassette [only?]

Hanuman is an acoustic instrumental group from the Pacific Northwest, and I consider this tape my first real 'find' at a thrift store.

Hanuman seamlessly blends folk, jazz, funk, and bluegrass into an often relaxing yet upbeat sound. Moods change from grooving jams to dreamy soundscapes, funk breaks, and then back again. What really makes this release stand out for me is how each instrument compliments the others so perfectly: especially the percussion and bass.

An interesting note on this release is that I cannot find the track listing anywhere. Hanuman has a few other live releases (all on CD, and available through Home Grown Music), but none of them match up to this one. In fact, I cannot find the track "Oreos and Salsa" on any of their other releases.

I have since found another release of theirs, Pedal Horse, at another thrift store and quickly purchased it. Pedal Horse has much less of a 'funk' feel to it and lacks the flute from this tape. My friends accurately describe it as something that would be perfect to "make pasta and drink wine to". It may lack to bounce that this release has, but it no less impressive on different levels.

Due to some lineup changes, Hanuman now continues as the Hanuman Collective. Some of their live sets can be found at their Internet Archive site for free download.

For fans of: Bella Fleck, Edgar Meyer colaborations, flute, lazy summer afternoons

@ 256kb CBR

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