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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Uncle Dale - Tell'n Stories

Original format: audio cassette

This tape was a total gamble on my part. I bought it brand new, wrapped in plastic for $3.00 from one of my casual music haunts based solely on the cover. When I brought it up to the counter, the owner stopped me and said "Now, this is probably the craziest, weirdest fuckin' thing I've ever had in here. I'm just sayin'". He must have had another copy at one point I suppose. And before I left he said "Hey man, if that Uncle Dale thing is too weird for you, just bring it back and switch it out for something else".

I almost took him up on his offer when I got home. The songs range from odd rock tunes with absurd lyrics, to absurd tunes with absurd lyrics. My two personal favorite tracks don't have Uncle Dale in the vocal spot at all. One is "Blood for Lucy", where a woman of Eastern European origin narrates a song about Lucille Ball and Ricky Ricardo. The other is "Hard Rock (In the World)", a grooving track featuring remixed sound clips of Pastor John Haggee (Revelations expert/professional idiot/John McCain supporter) bitching about popular music and homosexuals.

As far as I know, tape is the only format this is available in, and I can't find anywhere to buy it. This is about as conventional as weird music can get. I know my review might not be the most positive - and it shouldn't be as this is not the best thing I have heard - but the album is worth checking out for "Blood for Lucy" alone. Fucking crazy.

For fans of: comedians who perform in bars with musical instruments, who are not all that funny but still oddly endearing

@320kb CBR

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. The Uncle Dale Tellin' Stories cassette came up in conversation with friends as we plan a funeral of a friend who listened to this tape back in the day. Do you know of anyone that managed to convert the work to digital file(s)? The full story of Uncle Dale appears to be here, but no links to tunes. Thanks for your write up on this tape. It's brought up some great memories despite the sadness of our situation.