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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moise Robin & Faren Serrette - Volume I

Original Format: audio cassette

Another traditional folk album, this one of the Creole persuasion.

I can find limited information on Moise Robin, and also similarly limited information on Faren Serrette - but nothing online about them playing together. Both seem to be Creole legends/heroes, and both seemed to play quite a bit. Faren also seemed to be quite into boats (as there's about as much information on his boat making as there is on his music).

This is about as down-home Louisiana as it gets. Robin's voice is absolutely awesome, and Serrette 'shreds' on his guitar and fiddle. My favorite track is the opener, 'Filles De La Louisiane', and is about as happy and bouncy as music can get. Do yourself a favor and pick this up, if even just for that track.

Is there a Volume II to this collection? Is it a collection of a bunch of different kinds of traditional music? I can't find anything about this collection or their record label. If I ever see it though, I'll definitely pick it up.

For fans of: twang, Southern music, a quality hootenanny

@320kb CBR


Anonymous said...

Hi! I collect rare music of Louisiana musicians and I would like to know if there is anyway I can get this cassette?

Xavier Perriot said...

Hello: Helas the link is dead, and i did'nt find those recordings anywhere else. Help!!!!

Anonymous said...

I play music w/ Faren sometimes.. Might be able to get him to dig up a copy if you're really interested.

Adam Doucet said...

Faren gave me the CD version of this album. Only 300 copies were produced originally in the early 80s. Faren has additional recordings that were not put on Volume 1. A release of Volume 2 is possible, whenever he gets around to it.